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How to Become a Fitness Model for Male

Career tips for male fitness models

Did you ever dream of becoming a fitness model on Instagram? Many people are trying to build their online image with their training programs, but is it a saturated market? As you may already know, being fit is not just about being in good shape anymore. To make it big you need the right people to get you into the field. Thus, we are going to show you, step by step, the most effective ways of how to become a fitness model.

Prepare Yourself


As you know, being a fitness model requires you to be in good shape. Thus, working out is the key to achieving your goal. First thing first, you need to know your body type and the goal you want to reach. This will put you on the right path of what kind of exercises you need to do. To build your muscles, strength training and weight lifting are very significant. Do not focus on cardio only, because it will only help you lose weight but not build your muscles.

How Can I Balance My Workout?

You may do weight training sessions 3 to 4 times a week, and cardio 1 to 2 times a week in order to lose unneeded fat. Make sure that you are strict with the exercises and be consistent with yourself. This is very important as it is a long-term commitment and it will become your lifestyle. So, find your balance in exercising.

Eat Healthily

Changing your diet is also important if you want to get in good shape. You do not need to cut down on calories, but you need to eat what is good for you. To illustrate, proteins, vegetables, fruits, and whole grains are good for building muscles.

Taking supplements can help you progress faster. Not only will the supplement give you all the nutrients, but it will also help you get in shape quicker and more efficiently. Finally, always remember that you are what you eat.

Find Yourself a Modelling Agent

Make a modeling Portfolio

Once your body is nicely shaped, it is time for you to make your own portfolio. This is very important if you want to be outstanding when finding an agency. First, you need some good pictures of yourself. To do so, you might hire a professional photographer to help you get the right photograph.

What Kind of Pictures Should I Take for my fitness portfolio?

We recommend taking photos of yourself in the gym while working out, or doing activities such as, lifting weights, running, or doing bodyweight. When you are done photo shooting, it is time for you to choose the 5 best pictures, which include your headshots, active shots, and posed position shots.

Please note that if you do not have access to a gym, you can find somewhere that has workout tools like the park. This could be an advantage to make use of beautiful landscapes and make your pictures more prominent. Be careful not to put too many pictures in your portfolio since agents don’t have all day just to check you out.

How to approach a Modeling/fitness model Agency

When your portfolio is ready, just take a look at the different agents and simply try to call them or email them. Now, you may wonder if you could be an independent fitness model? Yes, you can, but getting an agency will make your dream career come true much faster and it’s, in general, a lot easier.

Big or Independent Agency?

You can either choose to work with an independent agency or a big agency. The independent one might offer you more time and attention, while the large one will provide you more opportunities to work with huge brands and give you more protection. You can do your research on the internet to look at the agencies’ reputations. In all cases, you should choose a decent agency since you will be working with them for a while.

Active on Social Media

Of course, having a strong social media presence will attract more clients and agencies. The best platform for this kind of business is, you guessed it, Instagram! Post pictures, videos, and stories, and engage with more people to get more traction. Not only should you focus on Instagram, but Facebook, TikTok, and YouTube as well.

Here are some ideas of what you can post:

  • Stories of what you eat in a day
  • Tips for building muscles
  • Full work out videos that your followers can do
  • Q&A about fitness
  • Your workout routines

To sum up, being a fitness model requires you to be committed to a healthy lifestyle. Are you ready to change? If you are, then we hope this article will show you how to start and help you become a fitness model. Most importantly, do not only think about what you want to be and take action.