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Beginner to Experienced Yoga Poses for Two People

Share connection with Yoga in pair

Are you going through a lockdown and have no idea what to do? Then maybe you could try out partner yoga! Not only will you get to exercise but you will get to connect with your partner as well. You can do this with your friend, partner, or even with your family. In our following guide, we are going to show you the best partner yoga poses for beginners and experts alike.


First, you need to warm up your body and get ready. To do so, we have a stretch pose for you and your partner to start with:

Position: Forward-Fold

  • Take both of your legs out in a straddle position with your feet pressing against each other. If one of you is taller, you can adjust your legs by putting your feet around your partner’s ankle.
  • Hold each other’s forearms and rock back and forth along while inhaling and exhaling. Slowly move forward while the other is leaning backward. Remember not to put tension on your shoulders. Continue doing this at least 5 times.
  • If you feel all warmed up and ready to go, you can stop for a couple of breaths while leaning forward.

Beginner Yoga Poses

Let’s take a look at 2 classic beginner yoga poses you can do with your partner:

Position: Yoga Tree Pose

  • Stand next to your partner and reach each other’s arms (just one arm for each) up to the sky. Press your palm together.
  • Bring the other arm to the center and make your hands into a praying position. Press your hands together and find the balance between you two.
  • Now for your legs, lift your one leg into a tree position and rest your feet on the inner thigh. Make sure that you always keep your balance on your praying hands.
  • Inhale and exhale about 5 times and change sides.

Position: Reverse Warrior

  • Start with the warrior position facing away from your partner.
  • When you inhale, reach the outer arm forward. When you exhale, start turning towards your partner while reaching his/her arm to meet each other above your heads.
  • While your arms are meeting each other, relax your inner arm on your thigh.
  • Here you can take some deep breaths and explore each other’s fingers.

Advanced Yoga Poses

Position: Balance Warrior

  • Stand facing each other and reach your arms together.
  • Palm touch each other while you are extending both your arms up over your heads.
  • When you start exhaling, lean forward and slide your hands on your partner’s arms. You can adjust the distance while leaning.
  • Once you are 90 degrees leaning towards each other, slowly lift one leg up evenly to the ground. Make sure that both of you lift the same legs as it is easier to balance.
  • You can change the side with your partner and lift another leg.

Position: Standing Wide-Legged Fold

  • You and your partner will stand facing away from each other about 1 foot.
  • Straddle your legs about your shoulder length.
  • Exhale: lean towards your knees and relax your arms
  • Inhale: try to reach each other’s arms. Here, you can hold your partner’s hand or forearms, but try not to grab your partner’s elbow.

Position: Aeroplane

  • One of you will lay down as a base, and the other one will stand at the end of the base.
  • The person laying down will lift both legs up in a V-shape. The flyer will stand in front of the base. The base will put the feet on the flyer’s groin. Here, you must find a balance. Make sure that the base puts the feet in the right position.
  • The flyer starts to lean forward while the base extends his or her arms out to reach the flyer’s hands. Then, the base will lift the body of the flyer.
  • Keep both of your arms straight and tight. The base has to find the balance between the feet on the flyer’s groin and the arms while the other person is in the air.

Cool Down

Position: Child’s Pose and Fish Pose

  • To relax after all this yoga posing, you can sit back to back with your partner, with your legs crossed, and just take a few deep breaths.
  • You can also do the same thing, but face to face, which can be funny at times!

Here are some yoga poses you can do with your partner during the lockdown. If you are a beginner, we recommend you start from an easy position. Once you feel more flexible and balanced, you can do the harder poses that we recommended. This way you will have activities to do with your partner, friends, or your family, and you will also get some good pictures of yoga poses on your Instagram as well.