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The complete guide on Tijuana Mexico 2022

Tijuana Mexico

Did you know that Tijuana was a hot new spot for expats and for tourists alike? That’s right, this little Mexican city has been through a complete makeover, and it has never been a better time than now to learn more about it. To get you up to speed with this beautiful city, here’s a full rundown of what you should know about Tijuana before your next visit.

Is it safe to visit Tijuana?

Let’s start with the big question because obviously, this is what a lot of people wonder and are afraid of: is Tijuana a safe city now in 2022? The answer is that yes, it’s a lot safer than before. You see, since the city is near the borders, cartel gangs were using this tunnel as a way to smuggle drugs into the United States for many years.

However, things have greatly changed, but visitors of this border Mexico town still need to be wary of a few things. First, you need to know that even if the turf wars between rival gangs are mostly all long gone, it is strongly recommended to not adventure late at night in a couple of places.

There are safe places in Tijuana that you can visit freely without any worries since they are guarded and patrolled by the police. The latter are Zona Rio, Zona Norte, Zona Centro, and Playas de Tijuana. With that said, it is true that Tijuana is not your typical cute family trip destination, and you should keep that in mind if you ever plan to travel to Tijuana city.

Is it a good time to visit Tijuana Mexico in 2022?

The city received a huge investment from the government and is trying to become cleaner with less violence and drugs. That said, it is indeed a place where you need to be careful in which section of the city you are walking. As long as you stay in the aforementioned safe zones, everything will be fine. But if you need more tips on how to properly prepare for a visit to Tijuana, we have a few important tips below that will allow you to stay away from any dangers and shady spots.

How to stay safe in Tijuana Mexico

Tijuana has seen a spike lately in the number of tourists, which in turn helped the local community to regain trust. Also, many Americans are moving there since the real estate market in Tijuana is very advantageous. Furthermore, many people that were living in San Diego that wish to retire leave the big city for something more rustic and, of course, a lot cheaper!

So without further ado, here are our best tips to stay safe in Tijuana in 2022:

Lock your bags and luggage

For our first tip, we encourage you to get luggage that you can lock with a numerical passcode or with a standard lock. That way, it will be harder for thieves to steal anything inside those bags.

Don’t show your money

Put the phone away, and don’t wear anything flashy with big brands, it’s as simple as that. The less you show that you have wealth, the better it will be! In other words, keep anything that’s expensive at home or in your hotel room while you’re outside.

Don’t do drugs in Tijuana

Since the city is not the safest of places at night, it is better if you stay clear of drugs during your trip over there. Always drink water in a new bottle that you bought, and if you drink alcoholic beverages, always keep an eye on your drink.

Use ATMs only in Safe Zones

If you are going to get money, only get your money from an ATM that’s located in a safe zone such as Playas de Tijuana. Additionally, always try to be with someone and go to the ATM during day time.

Parking and taxi services

If you rent a car in Tijuana, then make sure that you park in a safe spot and that you don’t stay parked at the same place for too long. There were still 100s of reported break-ins in 2021 so keep your car at the hotel as much as possible. On the other hand, if you use a taxi service, make sure that it is a reputable taxi service. A good trick to know if the taxi is legit is to check the meter inside if it has been used.

Show respect to everyone you meet

If you go out, never get into a fight with someone. Show respect to literally everybody you meet, because you never know what connections this person might have. In other words, just stay out of trouble by being polite and friendly to everybody you meet in Tijuana and you will have a great time.

Use a hidden passport pocket for your passport

Always bring a copy of your passport with you but leave the real thing in a different place. The black market for foreign passports is very strong and you don’t want somebody to steal your identity for traveling. A good trick for that is to have one of those hidden pockets or bags that you can use to hide something of value.

Don’t adventure in shady spots

There are some dark alleys and shady spots in Tijuana. If you see anything that’s too far from your hotel or that’s out of a safe zone, stay away! Even if a local is telling you that it’s fine, still, stay away and go back to a safe zone.

Anything fun to do in Tijuana?

If you need some pointers, here are some ideas of what you can do in Tijuana:

  • Go eat in the restaurant that invented the Caesar Salad. The name of this restaurant is easy to remember since it’s called the Caesar Restaurant.
  • Eat fresh mangos and oysters on the Playas de Tijuana.
  • Go shop at the El Popo Market.
  • Visit the El Trompo Science Museum
  • Go visit the Campera Bubble Hotel where you can sleep in a giant transparent bubble under the stars.