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Does a Sponge Roller Damage Your Hair?

Instead of heating your hair use rollers for nice curly, wavy hair

As you may already know, heat is awful for your hair. There are many ways to style your hair, such as straightening, curling, or blow-drying. Doing all those methods, however, require heat. Whether you are looking for an alternative to style your hair or just want to know more about sponge rollers, we made this guide for you.

What are Sponge Rollers?

The sponge rollers, also known as foam rollers, are the best alternative for hairstyling as they are heat-free. They come in a rounded shape and many sizes. That said, there are different types of rollers out there that you can choose from:

  • velcro rollers,
  • steam hair rollers,
  • Flexi rods,
  • and of course, sponge rollers.

Can Sponge Rollers Damage Your Hair?

Sponge rollers can damage your hair if you do not detangle your hair properly or twist the hair too tight on the roller. Some people think that rollers also damage your hair because they take moisture away. Actually, know that you can prevent this by getting a satin roller. This will keep the hair from drying out and also prevent your hair from tangling.

However, no matter how you style your hair, there will always be damage one way or another. Unless, you take care of your hair properly by eating good food, using conditioner, and avoiding heated elements. Anyhow, this hair curling method is hands down the safest way to get good results.

How Do Sponge Rollers Work?

By not using heat, the sponge rollers work by absorbing the moisture from your hair. While you are leaving it to dry, the hair will set as the water is absorbed in the sponge and leaves nicely curled hair.

Therefore, the best way to use them is on damp hair. You can do it after you wash your hair or you can spray water all over, but make sure not to overspray. It is also possible to use this type of rollers on dry hair, but you will have to use a curl enhancer or a curl product to form perfect long-lasting curls.

What are the different Sponge Rollers Sizes?

They come in various sizes to fit many different types of hair. For instance, you got the following standard sizes:

  • extra-small
  • small
  • medium
  • large

How to choose the best sponge roller size for my hair?

The small size suits people with short hair, and they make curls pretty tight. So, if your hair is short or cropped, the small size would be the best choice for you.

On the other hand, if you have long hair, you might want to use the medium or large size, depending on what kind of curls you want. If you want small curls, it is recommended to use a medium sponge roller. If you want a natural big curl, then we recommend using a large-sized sponge roller.

What’s the Best Way to Use Sponge Rollers?

Prepare Your Hair

Wash your hair with shampoo and conditioner as a preparation phase, or you can simply wet your hair with water. It is best to roll your hair when it is clean so they don’t get tangled.

Section your hair

Then, divide your hair into many different sections. Make sure that you use a comb to get even sections.

Enhancing cream

After that, apply the curl enhancing cream or a setting lotion to your hair and get it ready for the next step.

Quickly Create Your Curls Using Sponge Rollers

When your hair is ready, unclip the roller and place it behind the first section of your hair. Slide the roller up from the roots to the tips and tuck the end of your hair under the roller.

Keep going and blow-dry your hair

Continue doing what you were doing in step 4, from the top section to the left and right side of your head, then blow dry your hair to speed up the drying process until it is completely dry. Do not take out the rollers when your hair is still damp as it will cause your hair to frizz.

How to Use Sponge Rollers Overnight?

This is a safe alternative to curl your hair using a sponge. It is similar to quickly curling your hair, but make sure that you clip the rollers in place tightly. If you do not feel secure sleeping with them, you can use the satin bonnet to cover your hair. This will keep everything nicely in place, and make you feel more comfortable while sleeping.

Generally speaking, using sponge rollers is definitely better than using a heated hair curler, even if it might take a bit more time. Would you risk ruining your hair for a quick solution or take a bit more time while it is safer? In conclusion, just be careful and gentle while you make yourself beautiful, that’s the key.