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How much does a tree removal costs?

Don't get robbed on tree removal price with these tips

Having trees in the yard has various advantages: it can provide us an evergreen view as well as a shadow for our landscapes. However, you might have to cut them down at some point if they obstruct a construction site or if they could damage a building. Therefore, if you have a question in your mind about how much you should prepare for tree removal service, this article has the answer for you.

How much does tree removal cost on average?

In the United States, the price will significantly be affected by work difficulties and the tree’s size. Normally, the average cost of cutting a tree is between $200 to $2,200, depending on various factors as shown below:

  • The tree’s diameter and its height.
  • The species of the tree.
  • The number of branches and the complexity.
  • The current condition of the tree.
  • The location

Many service providers have a standard price calculated by the tree’s size while some charge per hour for example $50 hourly. In addition, they may charge by the tree’s height as well, such as $2 or $6 per foot. Also, there are extra charges for emergency services.

What is the estimated cost to remove a small tree?

Cutting a small tree, no more than 30 feet or 9 meters, is a basic task that can be done within a few hours. Besides, a “small” tree also means the plants that have a small trunk or a simple branch structure. For example, Magnolia, Japanese maple, California Jupiter, Dogwood, and much more.

For tree removal, in general, it costs around $150 to $400 maximum, excluding stump grinding or related services.

What is the estimated cost to remove a medium-sized tree?

In general, a medium-sized tree refers to a 30-to-60-foot plant that has a truck not larger than 19 inches in diameter. For example, Copperwood, Crabapple, and Red maple.

As getting rid of a mid-sized tree is slightly complicated and requires more manpower, it costs a bit higher than the smaller one. The removal cost starts at $500 on average and it is usually completed within 4 or 8 hours, depending on the number of workers.

Felling a large tree, how much does it cost?

For a tree 60-110 feet tall, you are expected to pay between $900 to$1300 approximately for the removal service. Moreover, a plant greater than 20 inches in diameter will be classified into this group as well. The common large tree varieties include Maple, Sycamore, Conifer, Red oak, etc.

Removing a tree with a big truck can be completed within one day for an easy case, but it may take longer if the task is complicated.

How much do we pay for removing a very large tree?

All varieties higher than 100 feet or 30 meters, including those with a diameter over 20-inch, are considered “large” trees. For example, Sequoia, Eucalyptus, Palm, Redwood, etc. This case typically requires multiple working days and a larger crew. Therefore, it costs quite expensive, ranging from $1300 to $1900.

Furthermore, in case the tree is extremely tall or heavy, you may have to pay an additional charge for crane rental, starting at $500 per day, as well as $50-$100 for the operator.

What are other charges relating to the tree removal service?

Apart from cutting the tree down, professional arborists also provide other services as follows:

Chipping branches

The tree removal service always includes cutting its branches. However, you have to pay for related tasks such as chipping and hauling them away. The expected rate for chipping is about $80 per hour, while the yard debris removal costs about $200 minimum.

Removing a fallen tree

When a tree accidentally falls down, it is the homeowner’s responsibility to eliminate it immediately. Thus, you are expected to pay at least $100 for the fallen tree removal, not including extra charges for pruning, chipping, stump grinding, etc.

Removing a dead tree

In most cases, a healthy tree usually has a sturdy truck so it is more difficult to be removed than a sick or dead one. Normally homeowners spend around $70 – $450 only for eliminating a dead tree, however, the price may vary due to the wood condition.

Eliminating a tree stump

When you will fell trees on your property, you can choose if you will keep a stump, ground it down, or remove it completely. In case you want to clear up your land and get rid of it entirely, you’ll have to pay between $70 – $350, depending on the size. Besides, some companies also charge per hour as well. The average rate is $50 hourly.

Tree transplanting

In case you don’t want to kill a tree, you can relocate it instead. The cost for moving a tree should be around $125-$130, not including the removal service itself. Nevertheless, please note that your plant may eventually die due to transplant shock so it is important to seek a high-experience landscaper.

Cutting down a tree is considered a hard and dangerous task, thus we suggest you hire a professional arborist instead of doing it by yourself. Let’s call your local tree service and keep your yard clean!