How to prevent, identify and heal Degenerative Disc Desiccation
Health & Fitness

How to treat disc desiccation?

Did you know that more than 40% of adults aged 40 and over were affected by degenerative disc disease? The latter, commonly called DDD or disc desiccation in the medical world, isn’t untreatable, thus why it is important to know the best solutions for this condition. Let’s see what are …

Instead of heating your hair use rollers for nice curly, wavy hair
Fashion & Beauty

Does a Sponge Roller Damage Your Hair?

As you may already know, heat is awful for your hair. There are many ways to style your hair, such as straightening, curling, or blow-drying. Doing all those methods, however, require heat. Whether you are looking for an alternative to style your hair or just want to know more about …

Career tips for male fitness models
Fashion & Beauty

How to Become a Fitness Model for Male

Did you ever dream of becoming a fitness model on Instagram? Many people are trying to build their online image with their training programs, but is it a saturated market? As you may already know, being fit is not just about being in good shape anymore. To make it big …

The reason why Cazal sunglasses are so iconic
Fashion & Beauty

Why are Cazal sunglasses so popular?

It is no secret, a pair of Cazal sunglasses is always nice to wear. From the 80s, all the way up to our present days, this revolutionary eyewear has been worn by many celebrities such as Run DMC’s famous rapper Darryl Mcdaniels. If you wanted to learn more about these …