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What are the top healing benefits of moldavite crystal?

The healing properties of moldavite crystal

One’s mental health is the most important thing in life, but if it falls apart, know that there is still hope. That’s right, some stones and crystals have been used for their healing benefits for centuries. More specifically, moldavite crystals are without a doubt full of surprises, as not only can they heal your mind, but they can cure your body and strengthen your soul. Let’s find out their top health benefits down below.

Introduction: What’s a Moldavite Crystal?

A moldavite is a greenish stone in the tektite family that can bring positive energy around you. It sports a glassy and satisfying texture, with different tones of green mixing each other from top to bottom. Once it is curved into fire and polished, it becomes a beautiful gemstone that is highly sought-after. A few centuries ago, many people believed that this green crystal had godly properties, and that it was basically a mystical stone that could fulfill your wishes.

What are crystalites top 5 benefits for your health?

Now that you know what moldavite crystals are, let’s take a closer look at their best health benefits:

Become one with your hearth Chakra

Firstly, the heart chakra is an important piece of your being, which is the base structure of your emotions and spirituality. When these elements are unstable, such as your emotions, it will affect everything and everyone surrounding you.

This can lead to stress and depression, an unbalanced heat chakra is not something you should take lightly. In order to control your spirituality, you need to find your balance in this world. A moldavite crystal might be just what you need.

Find yourself

It is normal to doubt ourselves at one point or another, life always throws a few curved balls at us and it’s not always easy to be prepared for those. A moldavite crystal is a great item to have if you need help to find your life’s purpose, or rather, to reconnect with the latter. Sometimes you already know, but you just forgot that it was there all along.

Feel safe and protected

If you feel that your life is in danger, or that you are not safe, a bracelet or a necklace with moldavite crystals will protect you wherever you go! Of course, it is not magical, it cannot save you from everything, but it will help you take wise decisions in the moments that are the most important.

Heal yourself

Again, this is no magical stone, but having a moldavite crystal with you will bring positive energies and help you heal from any ailments. It has been proven by many types of massages that energy is actually very important for your health. We all have electricity going through our bodies, and it is up to you to use that energy to your advantage.


As you are aging, some things that have been building up through the years are gonna surface, which is totally natural. The human body, as amazing as it is, is a machine that can only go so far. Back pain, neck pain, tired eyes, kidney stones, digestive problems… the list goes on. But what if, what if you could get a boost of energy to lead your body to rejuvenation? Not only that, but moldavite crystals can also slow down the aging effects, which is always a good perk to have when you’re hitting that 50+ number.

Is moldavite crystal water resistant?

Yes, you can swim with your moldavite necklace or bracelet without any problem. Even salt water won’t damage your precious gemstones, so no worries on that front! Furthermore, you can wash your beautiful stones with a non-abrasive detergent and normal tap water.

What are the best stones to mix with moldavite crystals?

If you want to have more than one type of stones on your bracelet for example, you can pair the moldavite crystals with clear or smoky quartz, hematite stones, or even boji stones. All of those will accentuate the positive effects of your green crystals.

If you are looking for something to help your meditation sessions, you can couple the crystals with another type of grounding stones, such as the obsidian, the red jasper, or the black tourmaline.

Is it safe to carry moldavite crystals with other stones in a pouch?

No, you shouldn’t do that, since it will damage your stones because of the friction with the others. Scratching your crystals could unbalance their energy, so be careful when carrying them around.

In conclusion, it is no surprise why moldavite crystals are so popular nowadays. On top of bringing balance to your hearth chakra, spirituality, and energy, they are simply satisfying to look at and touch. If your favorite color is green, this is definitely a keeper!