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The healing properties of moldavite crystal
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What are the top healing benefits of moldavite crystal?

One’s mental health is the most important thing in life, but if it falls apart, know that there is still hope. That’s right, some stones and crystals have been used for their healing benefits for centuries. More specifically, moldavite crystals are without a doubt full of surprises, as not only …

All superstitions regarding the Cardinal Bird
Lifestyle & More

What Are the Red Cardinal Bird Beliefs?

Have you ever spotted a vibrant red-colored bird? You may wonder if the appearance of this creature has some kind of spiritual meaning. As a matter of fact, the cardinal has always been playing an important part in mythologies, beliefs, and religions. Therefore, we decided to take a closer look …

The rules and set up of Taboo
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How to Play Taboo Offline and Online

If you like board games, perhaps you heard of Taboo at some point or another. It’s a game where you get to socialize with your friends and family. Here are the guidelines on how to play Taboo offline and online.