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Chicago City
Travel & Leisure

What can I do for free in Chicago?

Did you ever hear the song that goes like ‘‘Chicago, Chicago that toddling town Chicago, Chicago I will show you around!’’. Sung by the likes of Frank Sinatra back in the days, this song pretty much embodies the hype and beauty that comes from the Wind City. But obviously, big …

Tijuana Mexico
Travel & Leisure

The complete guide on Tijuana Mexico 2022

Did you know that Tijuana was a hot new spot for expats and for tourists alike? That’s right, this little Mexican city has been through a complete makeover, and it has never been a better time than now to learn more about it. To get you up to speed with …

city landscape of Cyprus
Travel & Leisure

Why you should visit Cyprus ?

Cyprus is an island of the Mediterranean sea that happens to be located near many countries. As a result, the cultural background of this island is widely diverse, and very complex, to say the least. People are often wondering if visiting Cyprus is worth it, so we made a list …

The pilgrimage of San Judas day at San Hipolito church
Travel & Leisure

What is San Judas Day?

Have you heard about San Judas day in Mexico? Every year on October 28th, a thousand people will go to the San Hipolito church in Mexico City to pay respect to the patron saint of thieves and lawbreakers, San Judas de Tadeo. Keep on reading to find out about who …

India 's exception to worldwide time zones
Travel & Leisure

Why India’s Time Zone is 30 minutes off?

If there is a 1-hour difference between each time zone, so why India’s time has 30 minutes off from its greater time zone? It’s been a source of confusion for not only travelers and expats, but also for India’s very own people. Let’s set the record straight!